stow away the dagger
sheathe the sword and the gun
bare hands will suffice
stow away the weapons
they've brought us so far
bare hands will suffice

awoke at dawn, walked the bones another round
idle veins, forgotten blood, make it run
sloth and draught, hand in hand and on their knees
the other one devised a plan
to keep me in his sleep
run it
the vessel's steaming
run it

pulverize, crush them down to black soot
weather out, close it down
ice wind, blow through skin
cleansed offering
wolves' den
will you now let the squall take what's left
mind the grim

I am still drawn to and gladly driven here
but on my own terms
not dragged through the night
by the ghosts of past
I coerced a few and still was brought down

forsaken body misused and withered
a waking limb
stretch my fingers
let the sap through the neck
rusted iron will, learn to forge it


from Jedva Čekam Da Nikad Ne Umrem, released February 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Pogavranjen Zagreb, Croatia

There is no limit in what we do.

We have no goals.

We feel nothing but disrespect.

We are here.


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